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¡@TEL: 886-2-29541585, FAX:886-2-29555053

¡@Director of the school: Manfred Lin

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EMILLE SCHOOL provides English-immersion English programs for Taiwanese children, ages 6 to 13, we hope that they can develop basic English abilities in speaking, writing, listening and writing.

We have four private schools, which has been in operation for almost 10 years. Two of these are preschool and two English Educational centers. You will have to work for one of the preschool and one English center. We have 2 set books for the two parts, and each part have several levels to teach, in accordance with the curriculum set out in the teaching manuals.

We hope naturally that you can be a lot more patient, active, enthusiastic, persistent, and good at teaching with unique techniques. You are expected to encourage and demand the

students to be proficient as much as they can. You should also be interested in the educational field. In Taiwan , we have to face the competition with other top countries in Asia , e.g. Japan , Korea and Singapore . People on this island have to work harder and harder, otherwise we will lose the advantage and preference in the world. At school students ought to do their best to study. We are glad that you are interested in teaching in Taiwan . We hope you can adapt to the circumstance, training and your experience in teaching.

There are about 20 classes in our school, totally 350 children, about 15 teachers including 6 foreign teachers,(most of them have taught more than 1years) Each teacher cares a class of children (about 16 children) for the English curriculum. Teacher's work schedule is 9:30 a.m. to ~ 11:30 a.m. every day with a 2-hours lunch break ( 11:30 ~ 1:30pm. ), 2:00 ~ 4:00p.m for afternoon class and about 2 hours in the early evening. The school will arrange at least 25 hours for teachers per week. The teacher must arrive at the school at least 30 minutes before the start of the first lesson in the morning, afternoon, and early evening, in order to use the time for the preparation of the coming lessons each school. Sunday is holiday

  NT$500(US$15.6) to NT$750(US$24.4) per hour (based on the teacher's experience)



*Native English-speaker.

*Love children in age 3 to 13 years old.

*An undergraduate degree from a recognized college

or university. The teachers can not teach

in Taiwan without degree.

*A positive, patient, kind, professional attitude and

a genuine desire to teach children with fun.

*A willingness to work as part of a team to promote a spirit of learning

*About 8 passport photos and degree certificate.

*Under 40 years old.


•  The school will provide assistance and guidance where appropriate to ensure an enjoyable stay and a fruitful experience for the teacher.

•  It is the intention of the school to strive to accommodate the teacher's reasonable requests, and come to an arrangement that is acceptable to all parties.

US$15.6 to US$2~. per hour (based on the teacher's experience)

•  Work permit and resident visa arranged.

•  Airport pick-up.

•  One week unpaid vocation after 5 months (in February around Chinese New Year, or Summer vocation in August).

•  Teaching resource, teacher's guide for textbook and materials about ESL.

•  Raise (at least NT$10 per hour) after passing the evaluation of 6 month.

•  Good individual accommodation with 3 bedrooms apartment furnished with living room , kitchen with oven, Sofa, TV with cable, microwave, and washing machine(rent NT$6500 for one room.)

•  Meals are provided during working hours.

•  Tax: about 6% form salary.( approximatelyNT$2000 a month).


The teacher will be responsible for acquiring the initial tourist visa to


Taiwan ,(60 days tourist visa). On arrival in Taiwan the school will be responsible for acquiring work permit and resident visa.

Teacher's Miscellaneous Responsibilities:

The teacher will be responsible for the cost of the physical examination and working visa.

It will be the responsibility of the teachers to acquire their own health insurance (e.g. Blue Cross) for the initial waiting period (while waiting for the working visa).

When the teacher is on the school's payroll, a health insurance plan, including dental care, will be setup. The teacher should share about NT$425 for the charge of the insurance.

The teacher should pay the physical check in the hospital and pass it in order to stay in Taiwan and work.

The teacher will be responsible for a) personal insurance coverage, such as travel, life, and disability

insurances b) transportation expenses in Taiwan .

Appropriate clothing: temperature in summer (May-Sep) is about 30-35 oC and winter (Dec-Feb) is

about 20 oC with high humidity.

The teacher might experience culture shock and unbearable weather conditions. It is in the teacher's

best interest to respect the Chinese customs and observe Taiwanese laws.

Suggestions/comments regarding the management's policies/curriculum/administration, etc. is most welcome and appreciated. However, depending on the circumstances, these might or might not be accepted for implementation for various reasons.





Teaching English in Taiwan: Information for prospective teachers-- Feltham Mark

Thank you for showing an interest in our school. I have taught at Emille Kindergarten and Jordan Language school for three years, and would like to share my views on teaching English and living in Taiwan , as well as give you some information about our school.

Why Taipei ?

Well, for a start, Taiwan is one of the most developed and cosmopolitan countries in South-East Asia . There may be more beautiful places, but few have the infrastructure and efficiency of Taiwan . Public transportation in (Feltham Mark) Taipei is on a par with any city in the world. Busses, MRT(tube train) and taxis are readily available and cheap. Taiwan is an affluent society. It is one of the safest in the world. There is virtually no homelessness nor poverty. You will never encounter a destitute person. You can walk the streets safely at any time of the day or night (as the locals do) with no fear of violence or crime.

Medical care is comparable to the best in the Western world with an excellent doctor to patient ratio. General medical care, orthodontists, optometry and hospitalization is prompt, affordable and of a high standard.

Electrical goods, clothing, jewelry, etc. are abundant and of prime quality. In an affluent society people can afford the best. Want a new computer? Camcorder? DVD player? Rolex watch? Hi-Fi system? Thousands of cheap C.D.s and D.V.Ds? Designer clothing? Taipei is the place for you. Want to experience culinary diversity? Taipei has a restaurant representing virtually every culture in the world. Apart from that, the local cuisine is a fascinating and intriguing experience on it's own¡K

Taipei never sleeps. Explore the exotic night markets at your leisure. Take in the latest movie. Do 24-hour shopping. Visit the many trendy nightclubs and bars. Delve into the local culture by visiting the numerous temples, shrines and arts and culture museums. Experience the work of international artists and musicians from all four corners of the globe. You certainly aren't starved for choice!

If you need to relax and want a weekend out of the city, tranquil beaches are an hour's drive away by bus. There are many prime surfing and bathing sites as well as awesome diving venues littered all along the coast of Taiwan . Not to mention picturesque hiking and sight-seeing in the breath-taking Taroko Gorge (a world heritage site). Perhaps the most attractive aspect of Taiwan to expatriates is, however, it's proximity to the cultural wealth of S.E. Asia. Take a vacation in vibrant Bangkok , visit the Great Wall of China , explore Viet Nam and Laos , marvel at Angkor Wat in Cambodia , splash out at the casinos of Macao , or spend a long weekend in Hong Kong . Malaysia , Indonesia , Sri Lanka , India and The Philippines are all a cheap airfare away.

Living in Taiwan affords you the ability to explore exotic destinations whilst giving you the opportunity for a steady and lucrative income.

Why our school?

Emille Kindergarten and Jordan Language school offer an excellent curriculum; freedom to develop your individual teaching style; a relaxed and comfortable working environment; clean, modern accommodation; and, most important of all, a competitive salary.

When you arrive, you will be given a two-week orientation and training program to help you acclimatize to your new environment. You will find the management and staff most kind and cooperative in this regard. Don't worry about your lack of Chinese. We have a policy of ¡§No Chinese¡¨ in the classroom during English lessons. If you have trouble making yourself understood, your Chinese co- teacher will be available to clarify things. They are always with you in the classroom, and should you need any assistance, you need only ask. The other foreign teachers are also very friendly, helpful and experienced. They are there to guide you in this initial period of finding your feet.

A certain responsibility to your students is expected. The Taiwanese desire above all to acquire English language skills in order to consolidate their niche in the Global Village. They want the best for their children and are prepared to pay good money for it. The onus is on you, therefore, to ensure that their trust is well-founded. You are required to be prompt, punctual, prepared and well-attired for your classes. Over and above your normal teaching hours, you will be expected to put in 30 mins preparation time before each class. More effort has to be made for end-of the-year performances and ¡§special occasions¡¨ such as Christmas, Halloween, Moon Festival, etc.

Working as a teacher is certainly not easy, but it is immensely rewarding. The children are well-behaved and excited about English lessons. Watching them grow and develop through your guidance is a fantastic experience.









English teachers at our school live in a comfortable and secure environment. We have a modern apartment with three bedrooms and a communal kitchen and living room. It is fully air-conditioned. All the appliances are here: stove, refrigerator, microwave oven, washing machine, T.V. and DVD player. We are free to use the fully-equipped gymnasium and indoor swimming pool. Three are also table-tennis tables and a pool table for the less energetic! Also, the geysers are gas-fueled, so you never need to fear taking a cold shower! Probably the biggest asset that the apartment has is its situation : a) Work is a 5 min walk away, so daily commuting is unnecessary; b)We are very close to central Taipei which affords quick access to shopping and public transportation.

I have spoken to many English teachers in Taiwan and can honestly say that none of them have regretted the experience. I personally have found it to be richly rewarding in terms of my exposure to cultural diversity, my on the job satisfaction and exhilaration and, of course, my financial acumen. Very few people have the privilege of traveling to exotic destinations and finding the type of fulfillment that teaching affords.

For me, this was an opportunity of a lifetime and one that I will never forget. As with all things in life, what you put in is what you get out. Arrive with an open mind and Taiwan will open it's heart to you.

If you have any queries regarding teaching in Taiwan and our school, please feel free to write to me at marcfeltham@hotmail.com . I look forward to hearing from you!

Marc Feltham


¡@Hi ¡G


My name is Donovan. I've been teaching at EMILLE Kindergarten and Joy Language School in Pan Chaio, Taipei County , for over two years now. I've been asked to write a letter telling you a little more about the schools. Of course, if you have specific queries, please contact me ¡V my e-mail is superdono@hotmail.com and I'd be happy to give you more info. But in the meantime, here is some preliminary info. On teaching in Taiwan and on my particular schools.

First, let me say I have never regretted my decision to come to Taiwan . Admittedly, Taiwan is not for everyone but I feel that for a lot of people it can be a significant learning experience. There is of course good and bad. The good includes a pretty good income. I paid off my student loan, saved a bit and discovered the joys of shopping. You're also, of course, going to get to experience a different culture. Of course culture shock is going to get to most people to some extent ¡V but then of course most of us are partially here to experience something different anyway. Also, teaching children, despite the rewards, can be tiring at times.

As far as my particular schools go (both owned by Mr. Lin), I will say that the deal is a pretty good one, as your apartment will be paid for by the school ¡V something which the majority of schools in Taiwan won't provide. And seeing as apartments can be quite costly here, it's a major plus. The hourly pay for classes at my school also compares quite favorably with other schools of this sort in Taiwan . If you signed up you would be teaching children of all ages, probably teaching both kindergarten classes and English cram school classes (which are classes students take outside of regular school classes, on account of the extreme importance placed on English in Taiwan ). At certain times, you would also be responsible for preparing the children for different English performances. If you don't have teaching experience, don't be too worried. You are going to have watched numerous classes as part of your training and you will of course also be assisted by the Taiwanese teachers and get advice from the foreign teachers who have been here for a while.

As for Banciao ¡V it's pretty close to Taipei so you won't miss out on nightlife or places to explore (Taipei can be reached in under 30 minutes by a cheap bus ride). Taiwan is a busy place and accordingly has some conveniences ¡V such as a good public transport system (buses, subway and taxis).


My best advice to anyone thinking of coming over is to try and contact people already in Taiwan to be better prepared. This being said though, I don't think it's good to come over with too many preconceived notions.

Good luck with your decisions.

Give me a mail if you need to know more.



Donovan Watson



I have been teaching English at Emille Preschool and JOY Language School for about a year and a half.

The Chinese teachers are friendly, helpful and co-operative. (Donovan Watson)

They will assist you in the beginning, until you find your teaching style and method of classroom control. After that, although they are always with you in the classroom, you will teach in English and if you need any assistance you just need to ask.

Over and above your everyday teaching hours, you will be expected to put in 30 minutes preparation time before every class you teach. More effort has to be put in for ¡¥special occasions' such as Christmas, Halloween, Dragon Boat Festival, Moon Festival, etc.

Yes, teaching English in Taiwan can not so easy but the rate of pay at these schools compares favorably

to most others in Taiwan . If you want the money, you have to work for it. You will also be entitled to free lunch at the school. Most of the meals are good but some days you won't know what you're getting so if you're not the daring type, you'll be eating at home. The school provides an apartment (rent-free) to all the foreign teachers at the school. It is right next to the school, which is very convenient and doesn't require any unnecessary traveling. Your housemates are fun, friendly and always willing to help.

I will never regret coming to Taiwan . It has been a wonderful experience for me as a person. I have learnt a lot about Chinese culture and living in Taiwan . It hasn't always been easy, but you're guaranteed to have hard times wherever you go. If you do want to experience something different ¡V something you will always be proud of ¡V and enjoy a good challenge, Taiwan is definitely the place for you.

Good Luck ¡V whatever you decide to do.


Best wishes,

Jennifer Germanus.